Arrowhead (2017)



Alien Arrival

Kye is a prisoner of war caught between two armies that he doesn't believe in. When offered an opportunity for freedom, Kye sets out on one last rescue mission only to become stranded when his ship crash lands. Kye soon realises that the deadliest creature on the desert moon is himself.

Gen: Acțiune Aventuri Mister SF

Anul lansarii: 2017

Regizor: Jesse O'Brien

Dan Mor

Kye Cortland

Aleisha Rose

Tarren Hollis

Shaun Micallef

RE3F (voice)

Mark Redpath

Tobias Hatch

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Black Sea Adventures (1972)

A counterespionage office get a mission to go to the Black Sea shore and catch a spy network that got their hands on a secret fuel formula.

Bus Stop (1971)

A gangster thriller.

Горячие тропы (1971)

Горячие тропы (1971)

A Woman Pursued (1970)

At the death of her father, A-mi returns to Korea and realises he was implicated in the theft of a chest full of gold bars. She then becomes the target of a criminal organisation.


Love on a Rooftop (1966)

Love on a Rooftop was an American sitcom about a newlywed couple, Dave and Julie Willis, and their humorous struggles to survive in San Francisco on Dave's apprentice architect's salary of $85.37 a week. Matters were complicated by the fact that Julie's rich father did not approve of their less than luxurious lifestyle and often took it upon himself to try to improve it, much to Dave's chagrin. The series was produced by Screen Gems, the production company behind shows such as Gidget, Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeannie. It premiered on September 6, 1966 on ABC and stars Pete Duel, credited at the time as Peter Deuel, and Judy Carne in the leads. Also in the regular cast were Rich Little and Barbara Bostock as the Willis’ neighbors, and Herb Voland and Edith Atwater as Julie's parents. All thirty episodes of the series were filmed in color.

SMTV Live (1998)

SMTV Live, also stylised as SM:tv LIVE and in early promotional material SMTV://live, is a British Saturday morning children's television programme, first broadcast on ITV on 29 August 1998 and last broadcast on 27 December 2003. On the surface, the programme did not seem to stray away from the format of other Saturday morning output, featuring an audience of children, competitions and cartoons, though it constantly won in ratings battles with the BBC's Live & Kicking and became ITV's most successful children's programme since Tiswas. The major success of SMTV Live has been attributed in equal parts to Ant & Dec's original presenting partnership with Cat Deeley, its use of thinly-veiled comedic innuendo aimed at older viewers, and its broadcast of the Japanese cartoon series Pokémon. At the height of its popularity, SMTV Live regularly attracted 2.5 million viewers. Ant & Dec's company Gallowgate currently owns the rights to the show.

Alien (1979)

În timpul întoarcerii către Pământ, nava spațială comercială Nostromo interceptează un semnal de cerere de ajutor de la o planetă îndepărtată. Când echipa de trei membri a echipajului descoperă o cameră conținând mii de ouă pe planetă, o creatură din unul din ouă atacă un explorator. Întregul echipaj nu este conștient de coșmarul iminent care este pe cale să se abată asupra lor când parazitul extraterestru plantat în nefericita gazdă este născut.

Ziua Independenței - Independence Day (1996)

Pe 2 iulie, o navă extraterestră gigantică intră pe orbita Pământului și lansează câteva zeci de nave spațiale "distrugătoare" în formă de farfurii zburătoare, care atacă si distrug rapid marile orașe de pe suprafaţa planetei. Pe 3 iulie, Statele Unite conduc un contraatac coordonat care eşuează. Pe 4 iulie, este conceput un plan pentru a dobândii acces la interiorul navei-mamă de origine extraterestră aflată în spațiu, pentru a planta în ea, un focos nuclear.

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