Canterbury proibito (1972)

Canterbury proibito

Canterbury proibito

Canterbury proibito (1972)

Gen: Comedie

Anul lansarii: 1972

Regizor: Italo Alfaro

Rosita Torosh

Abbess going to Canterbury

Femi Benussi

Viola (segment "Viola")

Magda Konopka

Antona (segment "Antona e Giustina")

Rosemarie Lindt

Giustina (segment "Antona e Giustina")

Acelasi gen - Comedie

Kôkôsei burai hikae (1972)

Based on the comic by Kazuo Koike

The Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park (1972)

A girl named Susie goes to an amusement park and are greeted by a couple of costumed tour guides, The Banana Splits who take her on a tour of the park. In another realm a witch sees Susie and wants to make her a witch so she lures her into her realm. The Splits follow her and discover a world of magic. They try to rescue Susie from the witch and are aided by a couple of bickering wizards, Hocus and Pocus.

Eva & Adam (1999)

Eva & Adam is a Swedish TV series consisting of two seasons. The original airdate for the first episode was 30 January 1999. The show is about a boy, Adam Kieslowski, and a girl, Eva Strömdahl. Adam has Polish ancestry; his father is Polish. Eva is a Swedish girl. The two children live in Liljeholmen, a district of the Swedish capital Stockholm. During the show, Eva and Adam fall in love. Sometimes there are obstacles, but after a while a true love has developed. Other storylines in the show include friendship and bullying. The show is based on the comic books with the same name. There was also a successful feature film made, called Eva & Adam - Fyra Födelsedagar och ett Fiasko.

O Auto da Compadecida - A Dog's Will (1999)

The (mis)adventures of João Grilo and Chicó in Brazil's Northeastern region.


Frumoasa adormită - Sleeping Beauty (1959)

A beautiful princess born in a faraway kingdom is destined by a terrible curse to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep that can only be awakened by true love's first kiss. Determined to protect her, her parents ask three fairies to raise her in hiding. But the evil Maleficent is just as determined to seal the princess's fate.

Black Knight (2001)

Martin Lawrence plays Jamal, an employee in Medieval World amusement park. After sustaining a blow to the head, he awakens to find himself in 14th century England.

Cronologie - Timeline (2003)

A group of archaeological students become trapped in the past when they go there to retrieve their professor. The group must survive in 14th century France long enough to be rescued.

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