Demon of the Lute (1983)

Demon of the Lute

Liu zhi qin mo

From first-time director Lung Yi Sheng comes Demon Of The Lute, a 1983 fantasy swordplay epic featuring a ragtag group of heroes as they face off against a demonic force for evil! Chock full of fantastical characters blessed with otherworldly powers, enchanted weapons, and the remarkable ability to defy gravity at will, Demon Of The Lute is a comic book influenced wuxia sure to tickle the fancy of martial arts fans both young and old

Gen: Acțiune Fantasy

Anul lansarii: 1983

Regizor: Tang Tak-Cheung

Chin Siu Ho

Yuan Fei (Flying Monkey)

Jason Pai Piao

Wandering Hermit/Demon of the Lute

Lung Tien-Hsiang

The Woodcutter

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