Go! Anpanman: Yakisobapanman and Black Sabotenman (2000)

Go! Anpanman: Yakisobapanman and Black Sabotenman

それいけ!アンパンマン やきそばパンマンとブラックサボテンマン

SL-Man transports food to the city, guarded by Melonpanna and Yakisobapanman. The train is ambushed by a gang of robbers led by Dokinchan, intent on robbing the food. The gang is driven away by Yakisobapanman, but Baikinman transforms the cactus man into Black Sabotenman and forces it to attack SL-Man as he passes through the oasis. Will the food arrive safely and will the cactus man return to normal?

Gen: Animaţie Familie

Anul lansarii: 2000

Regizor: Shunji Ôga

Jūrōta Kosugi


Naoya Uchida

Sebotanman / Black Sebotanman

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