Pacific Vibrations (1970)

Pacific Vibrations

Pacific Vibrations

Like Woodstock on a Wave…

Psychedelic surfer documentary. Also see

Gen: Muzică Documentar

Anul lansarii: 1970

Regizor: John Severson

Acelasi gen - Muzică

Fuss, hogy utolérjenek (1972)

Dangerous spies act as representatives of an international recording company to get important plans from the father of an aspiring composer.

Plod (1971)

Based on Roger McGough's PC Plod poems, a series of quick comic sketches performed by The Scaffold.

fun band (1970)

fun band released in 1970

Karine (1969)

Through guiles and intrigues, a young dandy arranges the marriage of his friend with his beloved girl, despite the unwillingness of her father.


Ever Decreasing Circles (1984)

Martin Bryce lives in a quiet suburban close with his wife Anne. He does his best to "organise" the leisure time of all of the other inhabitants of the close, running umpteen societies and doing "good works". He's is quite happy with his lot until Paul Ryman moves in next door.

Space Jam (1996)

In a desperate attempt to win a basketball match and earn their freedom, the Looney Tunes seek the aid of retired basketball champion, Michael Jordan.

Povestea X a Americii - American History X (1998)

Filmul este, practic, povestea unei familii destramate unde personajul principal, membru al unei organizatii neo-naziste, este, fara voia sa, tata si model pentru fratele lui mai mic. O serie de intimplari care culmineaza cu asasinarea unui tinar de culoare, il trimit pe Norton la inchisoare, fapt ce se va dovedi ulterior, primul pas spre salvare. Chiar daca experientele traite dupa gratii, ii vor schimba radical viziunile si viata, pacatele il prind din urma si dintr-un anumit punct de vedere, il fac sa inteleaga ca schimbarea a venit totusi prea tirziu

Jijaji Chhat Par Hai (2018)

Two men live as fake husband and wife only to find a shelter and work, meanwhile focusing on their music career. While the teenage daughter of their landlord and boss becomes attracted to one of them.

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