視覚探偵 日暮旅人 - Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi (2017)

視覚探偵 日暮旅人 - Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi

視覚探偵 日暮旅人

Higurashi Tabito has lost four out of his five senses--his sense of sound, smell, taste, and touch. The only sense he has is sight, which he relies on for his job as a detective who has to investigate and find various missing objects. He works at the detective agency with Yukiji, his buddy and manager, and Tei, his adopted daughter. No matter what it is, Tabito always finds the missing object. His investigative methods, however, are a little bizarre. His eyes seem to be able to see everything, including things that regular people can't see, like scents and emotions.

Without a single blood relative left in the world, the lonely Tabito pours his heart out on his job. Each case he solves brings him closer to Yukiji, Tei, and her daycare teacher Yoko, who all treat him like family. Wrapped in their warmth, his heart begins to melt.

Gen: Dramă

Anul lansarii: 2017

Regizor: Yukihiko Tsutsumi

Numarul de sezoane: 1

Numarul de episoade: 9

Stare: Terminat

Tori Matsuzaka

Tabito Higurashi

Mikako Tabe

Yoko Yamakawa

Gaku Hamada

Masahiko Yukiji

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