Woodstock (1970)



3 days of peace, music...and love.

An intimate look at the Woodstock Music & Art Festival held in Bethel, NY in 1969, from preparation through cleanup, with historic access to insiders, blistering concert footage, and portraits of the concertgoers; negative and positive aspects are shown, from drug use by performers to naked fans sliding in the mud, from the collapse of the fences by the unexpected hordes to the surreal arrival of National Guard helicopters with food and medical assistance for the impromptu city of 500,000.

Gen: Istoric Documentar Muzică

Anul lansarii: 1970

Regizor: Michael Wadleigh

Acelasi gen - Istoric

Завещание старого мастера (1972)

Завещание старого мастера (1972)

Tajemství velikého vypravěče (1972)

The life of the famous French writer Alexander Dumas the Elder. Screenwriter Jaroslav Dietl did not hide his admiration for this literary giant, and in addition to the screenplay he also wrote a three-part TV play about Dumas (starring Vladimír Menšík). In Kachyn's film, Dumas played the father and son of the Štěpánková brothers, and it was a very difficult and difficult task for these young actors.

Человек с другой стороны (1971)

Человек с другой стороны (1971)

Star-Crossed Lovers (1962)

Magdalena and Michael have loved each other since they were children. But when the Nazis come to power, Michael rebels against the regime and is sentenced to fifteen years in a concentration camp. Magdalena, meanwhile, goes underground with the help of a friend and later immigrates to the Soviet Union. Michael, who has joined the Red Army, discovers on the way to Moscow that Magdalena is staying there. But when his plane lands, she is already on her way back to Germany. Michael hopes that one day, he and Magdalena will be reunited.


Vic Reeves Big Night Out (1990)

Vic Reeves Big Night Out is a British cult comedy stage show and later TV series which ran on Channel 4 for two series in 1990 and 1991, as well as a New Year special. It marked the beginnings of the collaboration between Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer and started their Vic and Bob comedy double act. The show was later acknowledged as a seminal force in British comedy throughout the 1990s and which continues to the present day. Arguably the most surreal of the pair's work, Vic Reeves Big Night Out was effectively a parody of the variety shows which dominated the early years of television, but which were, by the early 1990s, falling from grace. Vic, introduced by Patrick Allen as "Britain's Top Light Entertainer and Singer", would sit behind a cluttered desk talking nonsense and introducing the various segments and surreal guests on the show. Vic Reeves Big Night Out is notable as the only time in their career where Vic solely took the role of host, while Bob was consigned to the back stage, appearing every few minutes as either himself or as a strange character. The two received equal billing in the series credits. On 3 October 2007, the first episode was re-broadcast on More4 as part of Channel 4 at 25, a season of classic Channel 4 programmes shown to celebrate the channel's 25th birthday.

What a Cartoon! (1995)

What a Cartoon! is an American animation showcase project created by Fred Seibert for Hanna-Barbera Cartoons to be run on Cartoon Network. The project consisted of 82 short cartoons, intended to return creative power to animators and artists, by recreating the atmospheres that spawned the great cartoon characters of the mid-20th century. Each of 71 short cartoons mirrored the structure of a theatrical cartoon, with each film being based on an original storyboard drawn and written by its artist or creator. The shorts from the project first aired on February 20, 1995, and were promoted as World Premiere Toons. During the original run of the shorts the series was retitled as The What a Cartoon! Show until the final short aired August 17, 2001. The project served as the launching point for multiple successful Cartoon Network series, including Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, The Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Mike, Lu & Og, Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?, Codename: Kids Next Door and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy as well as a precursor to Fox's Family Guy. The series is influential for birthing a slew of original Cartoon Network hits and helping to revive television animation in the 1990s. Once it had several original series, those became the first Cartoon Cartoons.

Standoff (2006)

The series focused on an FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit whose members negotiated hostage situations and shared relationships.

Vrăjitorul din Oz - The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Minunatele aventuri ale fetitei Dorothy in tara Oz, unde prea-puternic este Marele Vrajitor, caruia ea si prietenii sai - Sperietoarea fara creier, Omul de Tinichea fara inima si Leul fara curaj - vor sa-i creara ajutorul, continua sa fascineze spectatorii de toate varstele si acum, la sapte decenii de la premiera... Ca sa-si salveze catelusul Toto de o vecina rea, Dorothy vrea sa plece de acasa, dar se intoarce tocmai cand o tornada loveste ferma din Kansas si o transporta in lumea lui Oz. Pe drumul pavat de caramizi galbene, fetita se imprieteneste cu trei personaje si pornesc impreuna catre orasul unde locuieste Marele Vrajitor, fiecare cu cate o dorinta. Numai ca si aici, ca in orice tara de basm, exista vrajitoare si zane, iar obstacolele nu sunt putine...

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